Budgets are the reality that we have to work within for all most all brides. When we discuss budgets I like to look at the complete picture. How much do we have to work with overall. We have to look how much is required by your church or reception property, how much is the dress and how much is committed to your food and beverage.

After that amount is determined then we can see how much money you have left to make everything beautiful and to capture the memories of the day.

We provide all our services on a menu based system. You pick and choose which elements you want and that is what you pay for, just like ordering off a menu in a restaurant.

Our design service is no charge because you are using Goen South for your floral and décor. We meet with each bride, look at overall budget, and make sure that we both feel good that we are a good fit and then start the process of design.

I will work with you on your color palette and theme based on your location and budget as well as size of your wedding party and guest. There is no one size fits all when it comes to your floral and décor portion of your budget. I really need to speak with you personally to determine a ballpark budget for your floral and décor. Your location, time of year, type of blooms you like and how large the bridal party is, and how many guest you are going to have all play in to determining that budget. Call me, we can discuss details and start the process of determining your budget.

For our consulting services we offer full consulting, which again is exactly as it sounds. From the moment you sign the contract with us you have full access to your assigned coordinator to help you with every step of the way. From choosing bridesmaids dress to securing your gifts at the end of the night when the reception has concluded and every step in between. The fee on this starts at $7,500. For both of our package we require that Goen South be utilized for your floral and décor.

For our photography coverage, we talk with you and look at what all options you need and want, of course, there is your wedding day photography which starts out at about $2,500, from there you can add engagement portraits, bridal portraits and our customized albums which start around $1,000.

For our video, we again will look at locations, duration of events and your style, on average video starts at $2,500. A special reminder for all our brides, we only book one video per day.

For our DJ package, our services begin at $1,600 for a traditional reception. If we need to add ceremony music or other special requirements just lets us know and we will cost those out for you.

Our experience and creativity will let us take your existing budget and push your experience far beyond what anyone else could provide for the same dollars.

Contact us today and we will get started!