Your wedding reception entertainment is another key element that all couples need to put thought into as they incorporate their plans for the reception. Goen South offer both in-house or book a band that will be perfect for your needs. We represent great bands that can play one specific genre of music or mix it up for all age groups. I feel like it is important to keep your guests in mind as you pick your wedding reception entertainment. You want everyone to dance to songs they know and be a part of the fun on the dance floor. If you are in a church there will be a piano or organ to provide music. If you are in an outdoor location please keep in mind that a DJ or other live music will be needed for prelude music as well as the brides walk down the aisle and the recessional after you have been pronounced husband and wife. Also keep in mind if you hire one of our DJs you will have a great emcee for all the moments that will be announcements, from the your introduction, blessing of the meals, your first dance, father/daughter and mother/son, as well as toasts and any other formalities you choose to incorporate into your evening. Live bands are great but make sure it is a “wedding” band and that they will keep a hot mic for someone from your event to serve as emcee. It is also important to make sure you know what kind of green room your band will need as well as what your play list will be during their breaks. On average DJs are easier on the budgets than bands. Lots to consider please call me today and I will walk through the process making sure you are asking all the right questions. Morris Goen