We all know they say a picture is worth a thousand words, I think a picture is worth more than a thousand words.

Goen South wedding photographers and videographers are artists who capture the memories of your wedding day like no one else.

When we all look back at photos of ourselves we can remember our feelings at that moment in time. My hope and goal is with the wedding photos we capture on your wedding day you will be able to relive your wedding memories any time you desire.

We have created a unique style of wedding photography that blends photojournalism, art photography and traditional wedding photography into a beautiful mix of images that are unique to your wedding and your style. Our photographers are trained not only to capture every detail that the bride and our design team have spent so much time planning but also the real moments of the day. We shoot the details as well as the panoramic.

Our wedding photographers and videographers work with the entire Goen South team to make sure that your wedding day timeline will allow us to have the opportunities to use the best light and backgrounds possible.

I believe our photographers are simply the best, but you be the judge, if  you feel the same please let us know, we would love to capture the memories of your wedding.

Morris Goen