It’s Like Rain on your Wedding Day…

The Alanis Morrissette song becomes instantly less catchy when it’s true. After planning your wedding day for months or even years, cloudy skies threatening rain are the absolutely last thing you want. You can plan for some wedding-day mishaps, but the weather is not always one of them. So what do you do when you’re faced with the possibility of rain the day of your wedding?

Unfortunately, San Antonio has been hit with gray, rainy days that have turned into weeks. Now it seems like whenever you look at your weather app, you’re greeted with a never-ending line of rainclouds. Hopefully this weather will ease up, but until then, here are some ways to work around rain on your wedding day:



If you have your heart set on an outdoor ceremony, a tent is the best way to salvage the day. Tents can be pricey, especially if you have a large guest count. They also benefit from some extra decoration, such as draping or chandeliers. Once again, tents can be expensive, but they are worth the hassle if you really want that outdoor wedding.


Move Indoors

If your wedding is at a resort, hotel, or similar wedding venue, chances are they have an indoor space that is available for use in case of rain. When booking your venue, talk to them about the possibility of rain and ask what happens if bad weather should occur. Some venues will book all of the indoor spaces if possible, but some reserve an area for you in case of rain. It never hurts to ask about their policy! Just like using a tent, you will have to account for changes in décor if you move inside. Some décor pieces can easily be moved inside, but others—such as a huge floral arch or anything with a live flame—might not be allowed indoors.


Rain Calls

Always ask about the rain policy when planning your wedding. Some venues let you make the rain call the day-of, but some want to know the plan days or even a week before the wedding! Talk to your vendors, such as bands, to see what their policies are as well. If you hired a wedding coordinator, they will be a valuable help in planning for rain and organizing everything—so you don’t have to.


Wedding Insurance

Just like your car or apartment, you can insure your wedding. Wedding insurance may seem like just another expense, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Depending on the type of plan purchased, wedding insurance can protect you against disasters such as flooding, and can also protect you through other unforeseen issues, like injury or wedding date changes. There are many different policies depending on your wedding, so it’s worth it to take a look!


Let it Rain!

If you absolutely need to have your wedding ceremony outdoors, there is no reason why you can’t—within reason. If your ceremony is relatively short and your guests don’t mind getting a little wet, it’s definitely possible to have your wedding outdoors. We’ve planned some beautiful weddings that included a little drizzle, and they were still magnificent. Keep in mind the amount of rain—saying your I dos during a light, misting rain is entirely different than braving a thunderstorm! Check with your vendors too—though the photos generally turn out romantic and gorgeous, some photographers may not like shooting in the rain. Using umbrellas is always an option, but don’t forget that guests may be less likely to want to pose outdoors for photos, umbrellas or not. Also remember that some musicians won’t play outdoors (the rain damages the instruments), so keep that in mind as well! Finally, while an outdoor ceremony is okay in a light rainshower, an entire wedding celebration, from walking down the aisle to the afterparty, is not advised.


No one wants less-than-stellar weather on their wedding day. However, with some planning and a positive, flexible attitude, your special day will be just as perfect as it would have been if the sun was shining. Just remember, rain on your wedding day is good luck!



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